Ransomware and Cybersecurity: Be Prepared

In the wake of the global pandemic and corporate workforces being distributed in remote locations, cyber attacks and ransomware risks have multiplied. Attacks on fundamental enterprise software systems and national energy infrastructure providers have highlighted new vulnerabilities for boards and corporations to address. This session will not transform you into a cybersecurity expert. But it […]

Demystifying Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain

Businesses are discovering that blockchain has applications beyond cryptocurrency, bitcoin and finance. More and more organizations across multiple industries are leveraging blockchain technology to improve existing business processes. Moreover, an increasing number of companies worldwide are using bitcoin and other digital assets for a host of investment, operational, and transactional purposes. How can boards understand […]

Accounting Fundamentals for Directors

This session is designed to provide “ordinary” and/or newly appointed board members with concrete suggestions to monitor potential issues related to financial reporting. The classroom-style presentation seeks to improve directors’ understanding of accounting principles in a way that cuts to the chase and de-emphasizes “traditional practices” in favor of more practical strategies. Time permitting, the […]

Corporate Governance and Proxy Trends and the New SEC

This session will peel back the results of the most recent proxy season to tease out the important surprises and enduring trends, and then forecast what challenges might be lurking around the corner. The panelists will also discuss the many recent actions and rule proposals by the SEC, on issues ranging from shareholder rights and […]