Successful Board Meetings: Tricks of the Trade

The details of boardroom management–how you write minutes, how you set board agendas, the cadence of “critical item” review, how to decide on what goes in the deck and what stays out, even the email addresses that independent directors use–are more important than ever before. This session offers a deep dive into the “tick tock” of boardroom operations by emphasizing recent judicial opinions with potentially profound consequences for “corporate hygiene.” It’s the particulars that every board needs to know, but that few boards address in a coherent, cohesive manner. Indeed, experience teaches that low-cost attention to small details can save many millions of dollars in litigation expense and can avoid significant corporate and personal reputational damage, yet these issues can unfortunately fall between the cracks. The session also addresses how directors can maximize their contributions during board meetings, best practices for director self-evaluations, Zoom board meetings, and the need for far more intrusive annual questionnaires designed to determine the level of independence of each corporate director, among many other issues.

Breakout Sessions Set 1
Location: RM 290, Classroom Building Date: June 20, 2022 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Joseph A. Grundfest, JD ’78 Lydia I. Beebe Gordy K. Davidson, SLS JD ’74 Jackie Liu