Pat Wadors

Chief People Officer, UKG; Director, Accolade

Pat Wadors serves as chief people officer of UKG. In her role, Pat oversees the company’s world-class HR organization and drives its people strategy — including talent acquisition and development, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, employee communications, and components of workplaces services and physical security. Known for transformational and strategic HR leadership, Pat believes deeply that organizations thrive when they have a blend of people with differing backgrounds and ways of thinking, and who feel they belong as a contributor to the company’s success. As a multiple recipient of the National Diversity Council’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology, Pat is a frequent speaker on HCM, diversity, and inclusion issues, and has served on the board of several prominent technology companies. Prior to UKG, Pat served as CPO of Procore Technologies, and has held multiple leadership roles at ServiceNow, LinkedIn, Plantronics, Inc., and Yahoo!

(Source: UKG)

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