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Interoperable Governance Summit: Earth2030

These are unprecedented times. Our context is changing daily as we witness our friends, families, and communities fall victim to COVID-19. As a gesture of community solidarity and resilience, the Stanford CodeX Blockchain Group held an interdisciplinary, online gathering focused on collective sense-making, knowledge-building, and skill-sharing around critical digital technologies. The summit began with a focus on immediate research and coordinated data-sharing projects to augment our pandemic response. From there, we segued into hearing from thought leaders and builders regarding the role legal professionals—and legally-engineered tools—will play in the future.

In bringing lawyers, policymakers, technologists, and community leaders together, we can learn from one another and build the capacity to be responsive and resilient in these uncertain times. With coordinated governance frameworks that enable collaboration between diverse groups, we can serve the common good, now and forever.

  1. COVID-19: Legal Frameworks for Data Interoperability and Governance
  2. How Data-Driven Strategies Turned the Tide Against Climate Change 
  3. Measuring Impact with Digital Currencies and Stablecoins
  4. Law Firm Goals for the Blockchain Space in 2020 (and through to 2030)
  5. The Future of Blockchain Ethics
  6. Automated and Autonomous Legal Entities