Brigadier General Patrick Huston

Brigadier General Patrick Huston is stationed at The Pentagon in Washington, DC as the Assistant Judge Advocate General. He oversees the Army’s international legal engagements, criminal prosecutions and government appeals. He also supervises the legal teams that provide advice on national security law, contracts, administrative law and criminal law. He is focused on the legal and ethical development and use of artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons, cybersecurity and other emerging technologies. He also supports diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of talent management for the JAG Corps, one of the world’s largest legal organizations.

General Huston started his military career as an Army Ranger and helicopter pilot stationed in Europe. He then attended law school and became a military prosecutor in Korea. General Huston has completed five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been the General Counsel of three major organizations: the 101st Airborne Division, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and the U.S. Central Command. He recently served as the Commanding General of the federal government’s only ABA-accredited law school, and supervised the Army’s global Trial Defense Service.

General Huston has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from West Point, a law degree from the University of Colorado, an LL.M in Criminal Law from the Army JAG School, and a Master’s of Strategy from the Army War College.

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