Here you can find some program evaluations of the participants of last year’s summer program (2021):

“Excellent program, really complete.”

“Very well-structured program with very well qualified instructors.”

“Amazing, well balanced and very well organized! Thank you for organizing such a great program, thank you to all involved.”

“The program was very enlightening and it offered in depth lessons, valuable information, and unique tips for the field of IP law.”

“I’m really thankful for this experience. I’m very happy with the content of this program and I hope to attend similar events in the future!! Good luck to everyone and keep the excellent work!!”

“The program was great. I learned a ton, and I had fun every single day.”

“Very comprehensive and well planned, gained both a lot of foresight and historical context.”

“This whole experience was amazing! Thank so much!”

“It was in general a great experience. I have learned a lot of interesting things that will be very useful in my practice. The choice of topics and lecturers were great, mixing mythical IP masters such as Professor Goldstein and world-class attorneys who helped shape new reality through law. Thank you for the organization!”

“An amazing program and, I am so happy and pleased with the outcome. The way the program was managed was perfect and the lectures were organized very well. The quality of the instructors was 12 out of 10 and I would love to have the opportunity to participate in further programs offered by Stanford.”

“An excellent set of sessions!”