Eline De Jong


Eline de Jong has a background in philosophy, communication science, journalism, and applied ethics. Her research focuses on the societal impact of new and emerging technologies, and responsible research and innovation (eg. Own the Unknown: An Anticipatory Approach to Prepare Society for the Quantum Age; and Towards Responsible Quantum Technology).

Eline is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Ethics of Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) at the University of Amsterdam, affiliated with the Institute of Physics and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. Both the expected impact of quantum computing on (cyber)security, and the ethical aspects of the envisaged QSC transition, call for responsible innovation, aligning socio-technical innovations with public values from the start. In her PhD project, Eline seeks to contribute to the discourse on the society-wide transition towards QSC. She does so by exploring the epistemic and ethical dimensions of responsible innovation in the realm of quantum computing; entangling the questions about what we know with questions about what we do. Her research aims to deliver an account of what it means to innovate responsibly in the context of near-to-medium-term quantum computing.

Previously, Eline worked at the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). She was a member of the research group that wrote a policy advisory report for the Dutch government and parliament about the societal impact of Artificial Intelligence (Mission AI: The New System Technology). Eline also took part in the Dutch working group that developed the Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment, a tool for exploring the ethical, legal and societal aspects of quantum applications.

Eline De Jong

PhD candidate

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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