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Mauritz Kop is a Stanford Law School TTLF Fellow and Visiting Quantum & Law Scholar at Stanford University, Founder of MusicaJuridica, Director at AIRecht, and General Counsel at Daiki, a Vienna based unified platform committed to building a Trustworthy AI future. His academic work on regulating AI, machine learning training data, intellectual property, and quantum technology has been published by Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, Max Planck, Springer Nature, Physics World, Foreign Policy, Fortune, and Frontiers in Science scholarly and peer reviewed journals.

Promoting good governance, Mauritz helps nations accross the world to develop Responsible Quantum Technology and Innovation strategies. Over the past years, he provided policy recommendations to the European Commission during the codification of the Artificial Intelligence Act, the Data Governance Act and the Data Act, and delivered copyright expertise to the European Parliament during the EU Copyright Directive legislative process. Mauritz held IP law, music law and technology law guest teaching and lecturing positions at University of Strasbourg (CEIPI), Leiden University, Utrecht University, Maastricht University, the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, and Copenhagen University (CeBIL), and provided postdoc legal training to Supreme Court justices, lawyers and legal professionals at Radboud University.

Mauritz is a member of the European AI Alliance (European Commission), IPREDICT (United Nations), the Dutch Copyright Society (VvA), CLAIRE, the ECP|Platform for the Information Society, the Expert Panel on Quantum Technologies at the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA), and the World Economic Forum (WEF, Quantum Ethics). He studied intellectual property, labor law, contract law, and law & biosciences at Stanford Law School, Maastricht University and VU University Amsterdam, and music theory & practice (clarinet, piano) at KREATO Thorn. Mauritz is author of numerous articles, book chapters and blogs about ethical, legal, socio-economic and policy implications of exponential, disruptive innovation in industrial sectors such as healthcare & medical devices, robotics, agri-food, cleantech, defence, energy, and entertainment & art, and is a frequently asked international conference speaker on topics in the nexus of AI, Quantum and Law.

His present cross-disciplinary, comparative research focuses on Responsible Quantum Technology, quantum-ELSPI, human-centered AI, quantum-classical synergies such as quantum/AI hybrids, sustainable exponential innovation policy pluralism, and the interface between IP, antitrust law, distributive justice and national security strategy. In his free time Mauritz enjoys tennis, swimming, yachting, long walks on the beach, and performing classical & electronic music. Mauritz has been a Stanford Fellow since 2019, and a Visiting Scholar since 2022.

Mauritz Kop

Stanford Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (TTLF) Fellow and Visiting Quantum Scholar

Stanford University

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