Frequently Asked Questions

What are the selection criteria for presentations?

We prioritize proposals that meet the following criteria:

  • The abstract clearly articulates the research question and findings 
  • The submission explicitly benefits trust and safety as a field and/or practice
  • The submission introduces new voices and/or perspectives
  • The proposal is not a product pitch

I would like to present co-authored work at the conference. Should all of us submit an application to present? If accepted, can we present jointly?

The lead author should submit the application form. The application has a place for the lead author to provide the name(s), email(s), and institutional affiliation(s) for coauthors. If the proposal is accepted for a research presentation, two individuals can co-present. If the proposal is accepted for a lightning talk, only one person can present. Please do not submit the same research more than once under different authors. 

Can I submit more than one proposal?

We encourage you to submit only one proposal prioritizing the work you are most interested in presenting. You are  welcome to submit more than one proposal, but we are unlikely to accept more than one presentation from the same presenter.

Is there travel funding available for presenters?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide travel funding to presenters. We do offer presenters a discount on their conference registration, and are happy to provide a letter verifying that you presented should it be required for institutional reimbursement.

I would like to present at the conference. Do I need to submit a paper to the Journal of Online Trust and Safety? 

No. Most conference presentations will be from people who do not have an article in the journal. 

I submitted a paper or letter of inquiry to the Journal of Online Trust and Safety for the Conference Proceedings. Should I also submit a presentation application? 

Yes. All individuals interested in presenting must submit an application. If your paper is accepted, you will have a guaranteed presentation slot. If your paper is not accepted, you may still be able to get a presentation slot if you submitted an application.

What are the Conference Proceedings? 

The Journal of Online Trust and Safety will publish a Conference Proceedings for the Trust and Safety Research Conference. The deadline for peer-reviewed submissions for the 2024 Fall Issue is May 1, 2024. The deadline for editorials and commentaries is August 1, 2024. The issue will be published in September 2024. Submission information here. Last year’s Conference Proceedings can be accessed here. If your peer-reviewed paper or commentary is accepted you will have a guaranteed presentation slot at the conference.

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