Evaluating Digital Literacy Interventions Across Platforms

Misinformation mitigation is pivotal at various levels, from fostering a well-informed and cohesive society to ensuring the smooth functioning of organizations, down to individuals leading contented lives. In this panel, we have assembled a distinguished group of experts from academia, industry, and non-profit sectors to delve deep into cutting-edge approaches for countering misinformation. Our discussion will span a broad range of topics, such as long-term initiatives to understand the importance of establishing trustworthy organizations that stand as beacons against misinformation; proactive methods to debunk myths before they gain traction; digital literacy interventions that aimed at equipping individuals with the skills to discern factual content from misleading information online; scalability techniques to amplify these strategies for wider reach and greater impact; and impact assessment methods to measure the success and influence of these misinformation mitigation strategies.

Chaired by the Stanford Social Media Lab
Jeff Hancock (Stanford University)
Beth Goldberg (Jigsaw)
Sander Van der Linden (University of Cambridge)
Melanie Welch (American Library Association)
Sindy Braun (Stanford University)

LOCATION: McCaw Hall Mainstage
DATE: September 28, 2023
TIME: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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