Trust and Safety Teaching Consortium

The Trust & Safety Teaching Consortium is a coalition of academic, industry and non-profit experts in online trust and safety problems. The consortium’s goal is to create content that can be used to teach a variety of audiences about trust and safety issues in a wide variety of formats. Join members of the consortium in a discussion of how to grow and enhance the consortium and make it as useable as possible.

Chaired by the Stanford Internet Observatory
Speakers: Alex Stamos (Stanford Internet Observatory); Shelby Grossman (Stanford Internet Observatory); Jeff Hancock, (Stanford Internet Observatory); Inbal Goldberger (ActiveFence); Brian Murphy (Georgetown University); Michael Swenson; Alex Leavitt (UC Berkeley/Roblox); Leslie Taylor (Genpact); Devika Malik; Kerry Keyes (Columbia University)

LOCATION: Fisher Conference Center, Lane/Lyons/Lodato
DATE: September 29, 2023
TIME: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
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