Track C: How to Do Business in China, India, Russia, and Brazil

How is behavioral advertising regulated in those countries? China’s new internet advertising regulations International payment issues Privacy protection Moderator: Oliver K. Breme Panelists: Dan Dougherty, Alibaba Group Timothy Ma, Tencent Raphael de Cunto, Pinheiro Neto Advogados Zhanna Tomashevskaya, Tomashevskaya & Partners Rahul Matthan, Trilegal

Track C: Law in the Box for Start-ups

How in-house counsel get things done in a startup environment Contract compliance management and credit card compliance (for vendors).  Establishing legal and related business processes for contract compliance, including counterparty communications, third party and supplier management, tax and accounting compliance, sales and pipeline, service and warranty obligations, confidentiality, renewal and termination, and interdepartmental coordination. Open […]

Track B: Trade Secret and Right of Publicity Protection for Rapid Growth Industries

The interplay between the federal DTSA and state trade secret laws Best practices for protecting and respecting rights for rapid growth industries ex parte seizure, inevitable disclosure and enforcement of restrictive covenants cda preemption of certain claims for user misconduct brought against internet and mobile service providers Litigation Strategies for Internet and e-Commerce Companies Considering […]