Track C: Law in the Box for Start-ups

  1. How in-house counsel get things done in a startup environment
  2. Contract compliance management and credit card compliance (for vendors).  Establishing legal and related business processes for contract compliance, including counterparty communications, third party and supplier management, tax and accounting compliance, sales and pipeline, service and warranty obligations, confidentiality, renewal and termination, and interdepartmental coordination.
  3. Open Source Issues
  4. Employment issues from a startup perspective (outside of the sharing economy; misclassification; stock/equity; CA law compliance;
  5. Non-IP Litigation – avoiding disputes, contractual precautions (trial vs. arbitration, venue, governing law, etc.)  and managing disputes when do they occur (doc retention, lit hold, managing outside counsel, public relations, managing board, management and shareholder expectations).
  6. Startup compliance

Sam Zucker, Sidley Austin LLP

Wendy Mantell, FanDuel
Matthew Polesetsky, Uproxx Media Group Inc.
Kirsten Mellor, Udacity Inc.
Luis Villa, Solo Practitioner
Aileen Casanave, Castlight Health

Location: Room 190 - Stanford Law School Classroom Building Date: June 12, 2017 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Sam Zucker Wendy Mantell Matt Polesetsky Kirsten Mellor Luis Villa Aileen Casanave