Eulonda Skyles

Managing Director of Digital & Fintech, Charles Schwab

Eulonda Skyles serves as Managing Director of Digital & FinTech Legal at Charles Schwab. Eulonda has extensive experience supporting FinTechs, financial services firms, and tech startups. Prior to Schwab, she was a partner at the Baker Hostetler law firm. Before her time at Baker, Eulonda held corporate counsel positions at Capital One and technology companies SafeNet and Yahoo! Inc.

Eulonda’s broad-based background includes representing clients in digital transformation, e-commerce, privacy, data protection, transactions, and intellectual property. She concentrates her practice on balancing complex legal and business requirements, and among a variety of business and legal stakeholders in regulated, ever-changing industries that utilize emerging and novel technologies.

Eulonda is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Cornell University. She is based in the Washington DC area where she enjoys spending time with her family of award-winning artists. As the only lawyer in the family, Eulonda has no one to debate with at home, so she spends her free time reading and on nature walks

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