Priya Sanger

Deputy General Counsel of Product, Payments, Privacy and International, at Patreon, Inc.
Priya Sanger is Deputy General Counsel at San Francisco-based Patreon, Inc. Patreon is a global platform for creators to showcase their content to fans, connect with their community, create their brand, and monetize their content. Patreon is valued at 4+ Bn, operates worldwide, and has offices in the USA, Ireland, Germany, and Portugal. 
From the legal side, Priya has developed and led the payment and product legal strategy for Patreon to innovate as a vanguard of the creator revolution, including expanding its reach domestically and internationally into strategic markets, creating and maintaining its GDPR and CCPA programs to provide users with control over their data, helping set up payments and multi currency solutions for creators and patrons in their own localized language and with local payment methods, and finding and implementing solutions to make the platform safer while maintaining Patreon’s commitment to creators’ freedom of expression.
Priya previously worked in-house at Google and at Wells Fargo. As a former President of the Bar Association of San Francisco while at Wells Fargo, she created the in-house counsel initiative to help in-house lawyers stay connected with the Bar Association’s pro bono programs, and to provide an opportunity to outside counsel law firms to meet with and develop relationships with in-house counsel by working on pro bono and CLE programs together. She also focused on the judicial funding crisis to improve access to justice.

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