Panel Discussion: Investment and Growth, US-China Tech Ecosystems

Panel Discussion: Collaborative Trends, US-China Tech Ecosystems

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  1. Zhao Yuecheng, GSR Ventures
  2. Liu Jiarui, Blockchain Copyright Ecosystem
  3. Yang Linfeng, Yangcong Math
  4. Dr. Dennis Cong, Founding and Managing Partner at CreditEase Investment Fund
  5. Shan Shan, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures

Interested in how AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies are revolutionizing the way people interact and invest? From fintech and investment to education and entertainment, this panel featuring industry leaders will help you understand the most cutting-edge innovations and business models in the traditional industries. Panelists include Dr. Dennis Cong, Founding and Managing Partner of CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund(宜信产业基金); 赵越臣Yuechen Zhao, Partner at GSR Ventures (金沙江创投); Shan Shan, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures, 杨临风Linfeng Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Onion Academy (洋葱学院); Jiarui Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain Copyright Ecosystem.

Location: Date: April 30, 2021 Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Dr. Dennis Cong Zhao Yuechen Dr. Liu Jiarui Yang Linfeng Shan Shan