Dr. Gong Jiong

Dr. Gong Jiong is a professor of economics at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), where he teaches and researches in areas of finance, industrial organization, and antitrust and competition policies. Dr. Gong is a prolific researcher and writer with a list of publications in leading international academic journals. He was the executive editor of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies (JCEFTS). Writing extensively on economic and political issues, he is also a renowned op-ed columnist for several leading English-publish Asian newspapers and media outlets, including the South China Morning Post, Global Times, and CGTN (China Global Television Network).

Dr. Gong is a recognized patent dispute and antitrust authority in China, serving as an academic affiliate with Global Economics Group, a leading global economics consulting firm based in the US. In a major patent dispute, he successfully served as an expert witness in Huawei vs. Conversant. In antitrust, he serves as an expert consultant with the Ministry of Commerce‟s (MOFCOM) Antitrust Bureau in China and acted as the chief architect of the Bureau‟s national competition database project. He has been regularly hired by the Bureau to examine numerous high-profile merger reviews of multinational merger applications filed with competition authorities in multiple countries, e.g., Seagate- Samsung merger and the PCS-Agrium Potash merger. He also participated in the antitrust filing petition for the Didi-Uber China merger. He played a vital expert witness role in the Beijing Rainbow vs. Johnson & Johnson appeal, the first anti-monopoly lawsuit in China won by a plaintiff. Since then, he has served as an expert witness in abuse of dominance and monopoly agreement lawsuits to successfully defend notable multinational defendants in the court of law, including Panasonic, Hitachi, Sinopec, Motorola, and Netease.

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