Human Capital Management and Modern Workforce Challenges

Human capital is a critically important value driver for corporations in today’s economy, where a corporation’s most significant assets walk out the door each evening. In response, boardroom attention has begun to focus on “human capital management,” which includes topics ranging from employee health and safety to workplace diversity to employee recruitment, training, development, and […]

CEO Succession Planning and Execution

Many experienced directors and governance experts believe that hiring and firing the CEO is the board’s most important function. But little attention has been paid to the size and quality of the CEO market and how this talent market influences performance evaluation, compensation, succession planning, and talent development within an organization. This session will review […]

Shareholder Activism

Shareholder activism is not going away, but it is evolving in directions that demand high level boardroom attention. This session will review the state of the art in aggressive activist techniques and best practices for effective corporate defense. The panelists will pay particular attention to last year’s unprecedented proxy battle at Exxon, where an insurgent […]

The Board’s Role in Navigating Climate Risk and Sustainability

Climate change, which will have far reaching impacts on the supply chain and where people live and work, has made its way to the top of business agendas. The Biden Administration has rejoined the Paris Agreement released a climate finance plan, and set a target for the U.S. to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions […]