Merline Saintil

Lead Director, Rocket Lab; Founder, Black Women on Boards

Merline Saintil is a Fortune 500 board director and was recently named Lead Director of Rocket Lab, a space exploration company. Her role as lead director of this public company is a distinction that only a small number of Black women hold in the world. She also serves on the board of TD SYNNEX – a Fortune 50 company and recently IPO boards like GitLab. She has served as the chair of all committees on both public and venture-backed boards except audit. Before her corporate governance experience as a non-executive director, she was a technology and business executive in iconic Fortune 500 and private companies, including Intuit, Yahoo!, PayPal, Adobe, Joyent, and Sun Microsystems.

She advises on technology trends, innovation, strategy, enterprise risks, cybersecurity, talent management, and digital transformation, to name a few. Outside of her business interests, she has been recognized as:

– 2022 NACD Directorship 100,

– 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Director,

– 2019 Most Influential Corporate Board Directors,

– Women of Influence 2017 by Silicon Valley Business Journal,

– Business Insider: #6 of the 22 Most Powerful Women Engineers in the world,

– Lifetime Achievement Award for “Sending the Elevator Back Down” by Girls in Tech,

– Cybersecurity Oversight by NACD and the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

She is a sought-after speaker, thought leader and has been quoted in many major publications, including WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, CNET, CIO Review, and Business Insider.

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