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Bart Verheij’s research and teaching focus on the connections between knowledge, data, and reasoning, as a contribution to responsible artificial intelligence. He uses an argumentation perspective, inspired by the domain of law. Bart Verheij holds the chair of artificial intelligence and argumentation as full professor at the University of Groningen. He is head of the department of Artificial Intelligence in the Bernoulli Institute of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Science and Engineering. He lead a research project on argumentation, narrative and probabilistic approaches to reasoning with evidence, funded by the NWO Forensic Science program (2012-2016). Inspired by this project, his research aim shifted to reconnecting the logical and probabilistic foundations of AI. In the academic year 2013-2014, he was a resident CodeX fellow at Stanford University. He holds an MSc degree in Mathematics (University of Amsterdam, algebraic geometry) and obtained his PhD degree at Maastricht University (Faculty of Law, Department of Metajuridica; Faculty of General Sciences, Department of Computer Science), on a dissertation about the formal modeling of argumentation, with applications in law.

Source: Stanford Law School

Bart Verheij

University of Groningen

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