Institutional Ecologies: Recognizing, Restoring, and Relating with Nature

Bridging the development of modern technologies with complex, holistic systems towards nature-based solutions.
Organized by the CodeX Blockchain Group in association with CodeX Future Law 2024

April 10, 2024, at Stanford Law School, and online, by invitation.
9:30 am – 4:30 pm

An interdisciplinary event grounded in computational law and legal informatics, the first in a 3-day Nature and Ecology Series, with related event-days focussed on AI and Open Web, on April 13 and 14, 2024, to be held also in the San Francisco Bay Area, organized by Funding the Commons.


Modern, western technologies, including markets and legal systems, are generally being developed from and embedded with a linear, industrialized worldview and logic that optimizes for an ever-growing cycle of extraction, production and consumption, which is destroying our wellbeing and our bioregions.

The global economy, driven to breaking point by these logics, is in an extended period of fragmentation, placing pressure on local communities to support themselves and meet their own needs.

Indigenous and holistic worldviews tend to embed systems-integrity, relationships, and complexity.

How might we be informed by these worldviews and the traditions of relationality that exemplify this, to enable local communities and bioregions to achieve self-sufficiency and navigate the coming challenges more effectively?

How might we design for the emergence and replication of modern technology patterns towards nature-based solutions, with the lens of holistic, complex systems?

To address these questions, this gathering is part of an ongoing series of related, interdisciplinary events weaving together academics, practitioners, and networks with experience, capabilities and capacities across legal and policy structures, appropriate financial mechanisms, technologies, complex systems, cultural frameworks, local food systems, community health and well-being, and community governance and decision-making.


At CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists work side-by-side to advance the frontier of legal technology and computational law. Since 2015, CodeX has been featuring leading academics and practitioners from the blockchain ecosystem in its conferences. Since 2018, the Blockchain Group at CodeX has been convening regularly to research and publish informed perspectives (including via the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy); to track, guide and influence policy and regulations in this space; and to become an inclusive, neutral forum for regulators and policy-makers to convene with researchers, professionals, and technologists across Stanford and the wider blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

In 2019,  2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, alongside Stanford’s annual FutureLaw gathering, the pre-eminent conference on the Future of the legal industry and profession, the CodeX Blockchain Group has convened associated events engaging via education, workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions as a pathway for the FutureLaw community into the issues, potentials, and challenges presented by variously public and private blockchain systems and the social, economic, legal, financial, jurisdictional, relational and ethical patterns and logics being embedded through community dynamics and encoded through technical protocols.

Hosted by the Stanford CodeX Blockchain Group with support from Metacartel Ethos and LexDAO.

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