Joel Hron


As an accomplished Product and Technology Executive, my career is marked by the successful development and deployment of cutting-edge machine learning technologies and software solutions across a diverse range of business environments. With a proven ability to spearhead innovation and strategic initiatives, I excel in crafting high-performing teams and organizations dedicated to leveraging technology creatively for significant business impact.

My passion for emerging technologies, especially in Machine Learning and AI, is matched by a solid foundation in data analytics and its application in driving operational excellence and process innovations. This blend of interests and expertise has been instrumental in identifying and capitalizing on unique opportunities to enhance efficiency and value.

In my role today as Global Head of AI for Thomson Reuters, I am lead the teams responsible for the end to end research and development of AI capabilities within all products and services across the the TR portfolio, including Legal, Tax, Audit, Compliance, Risk, News, and others. Our mission is to be the leading force in AI innovation across all industries served by TR, creating a world where AI not only informs the way forward but drives it, transforming the way people access and utilize information, and ultimately, fostering a more informed, efficient, and just society.

Source: LinkedIn

Joel Hron

Thomson Reuters

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