The events are free, but registration is required for planning and catering purposes.  The deadline for registration is September 16, 2015. Should your plans change after you have registered, please let us know as soon as possible via email.

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Stay tuned for an updated list as more attendees register.

For privacy reasons this list may not reflect all registered attendees.


Class of 1998

Adriana Camarena


Class of 1999

Mei Gechlik


Class of 2000

Alina Ng

Gene Soon Park

Rufus Pichler

Amee Yajnik


Class of 2001

Catalin Cosovanu

Hiromi Furushima

Uli Grieshofer

Jenny Zhou


Class of 2002

Manuel A Gomez

Yuko Noguchi

Carola Vasquez


Class of 2003

Luis F. Perez-Hurtado


Class of 2004

Paola Bergallo

Elin Cohen

Sergio Puig

Dee Smythe

Susanne Tagder


Class of 2005

Jyh-An Lee

Yu-Hsin Lin


Class of 2006

Binyamin Blum

Marketa Trimble


Class of 2007

Sofia Coelho Candeias

Benedetta Faedi

Anne-Kathrin Kroemer

Maria Jose Cordero Salas


Class of 2010

Cristina Brandao

Agnes Chong


Class of 2011

Dennys Antonialli

Agustin Barroilhet

Diego Gil McCawley

Shiri Krebs

Sarah Shirazyan


Class of 2012

Ana Cristina Nunez

Sarah Polcz

Fernan Restrepo

Peter R. Slowinski


Class of 2013

Gilat Bachar

Tai-Jan Huang

Itay Ravid


Class of 2014

Doron Dorfman

Sergei Hovyadinov

Anita Jwa

Arm Tungnirun


Class of 2015

Luisa Ferreira-Peralta

Diana Esther Guzman Rodriguez

Maithreyi Mulupuru

Antoni Terra