The Board’s Role in Navigating Climate Risk and Sustainability

Climate change, which will have far reaching impacts on the supply chain and where people live and work, has made its way to the top of business agendas. The Biden Administration has rejoined the Paris Agreement released a climate finance plan, and set a target for the U.S. to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions […]

Corporations and Politics

CEO and corporate activism–the practice of CEOs taking public positions on environmental, social, and political issues not directly related to their business–has become a hotly debated topic in corporate governance. Following the events of January 6 and the 2020 U.S. presidential election, many corporations either halted their political giving programs or made permanent changes to […]

Successful Board Meetings: Tricks of the Trade

The details of boardroom management–how you write minutes, how you set board agendas, the cadence of “critical item” review, how to decide on what goes in the deck and what stays out, even the email addresses that independent directors use–are more important than ever before. This session offers a deep dive into the “tick tock” […]

Accounting Fundamentals for Directors

This session is designed to provide “ordinary” and/or newly appointed board members with concrete suggestions to monitor potential issues related to financial reporting. The classroom-style presentation seeks to improve directors’ understanding of accounting principles in a way that cuts to the chase and de-emphasizes “traditional practices” in favor of more practical strategies. Time permitting, the […]