Jessica Hubley, JD ’08

CEO, Story LLP Software Inc Managing Partner, Story LLP

Jessica Hubley, JD ’08, is Managing Partner of Story LLP, a California law firm, and CEO of Story LLP Software Inc. Together, they form a Story LLP collaboration that helps humans cooperate to get what they deserve, starting with lawyers and clients. Clients get help understanding what type of lawyer they need, how much to budget, and the business context of their legal issues. Story LLP has also built an alliance of experienced and talented – but underappreciated – female and minority attorneys to serve these clients in an environment of mutual respect. Together, we build a more inclusive, less abusive legal services industry. After obtaining a BA and MA from Emory University in 2005 and obtaining her law degree at Stanford Law School in 2008, Jessica began her legal career at major law firms Latham & Watkins LLP. Realizing that the firm model wouldn’t support the client business she was generating as a junior associate, she opened her own firm and grew it each year. In this practice, she worked as a General counsel for multiple venture backed startups, including as the first lawyer at early stage startups like Genius and Handshake that eventually reached “unicorn status,” and served as General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer of Stride Health. In 2015, in parallel to running her firm, Jessica cofounded and served as CEO of AnnieCannons, a nonprofit that trains survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence to be software engineers and operates an impact technology consultancy where they worked. At Anniecannons, Jessica also helped survivors and software development clients cooperate to get more of what they deserved. She is a self-taught software engineer.

Jessica believes that there is a vast, untapped opportunity for value generation in today’s markets: creating working and learning conditions where those who have been marginalized and subject to unfair bias can realize their true value free from such bias. This is what she seeks through Story LLP today.

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