Robert Rabin Robert L. Rabin

A. Calder Mackay Professor of Law

An expert on torts and legislative compensation schemes, Robert L. Rabin is highly regarded for his extensive knowledge of the history and institutional dynamics of accident law. He is a prolific author on issues relating to the functions of the tort system and alternative regulatory schemes and is the co-editor of a classic casebook on tort law.

Professor Rabin has served as advisor on the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law (Third) of Torts (2012), and Restatement of the Law (Third) of Products Liability (1998). He was also the program director for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program on Tobacco Policy Research and Evaluation, as well as a co-reporter for the American Law Institute Project on Compensation and Liability for Product and Process Injuries, and reporter for the American Bar Association Action Commission to Improve the Tort Liability System.

Professor Rabin received the William Prosser Award for Scholarship, Teaching and Service from the Association of American Law Schools Torts and Compensation Section (2008), and the Robert B. McKay Award from the American Bar Association for Contributions to Torts and Insurance Fields (1997). He has been a member of the Stanford Law School faculty since 1970.


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