Tejaswini Mishra, PhD

Tejaswini Mishra, PhD, Research Scientist, Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Tejaswini Mishra is a biomedical research scientist at Stanford University, working in the field of precision health and personalized medicine. Dr. Mishra’s research involves using genomics, multi-omics and wearables-based profiling techniques coupled with longitudinal data collection to understand human-to-human molecular and physiological variation and to predict personal health outcomes and disease trajectories. She has led several studies applying these approaches to establish personal healthy baselines for individuals, to study individual metabolic dysregulation during the onset and progression of Type II Diabetes, to identify biomarkers for insulin resistance and pancreatic beta cell dysfunction, and to identify physiological changes associated with illness, lifestyle, and space travel. Through her work on the NASA Twins Study, Dr. Mishra examined the physiological impact of a yearlong spaceflight on one human astronaut. For her latest work, Dr. Mishra showed that consumer smartwatch data such as heart rate and step counts can be used to detect COVID-19 infection at a pre-symptomatic stage. Prior to her work at Stanford University, Dr. Mishra worked at The Pennsylvania State University, where she earned her PhD. At Penn State, she worked on the Mouse ENCODE Project, using functional genomics and transcriptomics to study lineage choice and cellular differentiation during blood cell development.

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